It’s almost 7 days after Google declared the shutting down of one of it’s  popular service Google Reader, the announcement of launching a new one came. We all have at times used the little tasks app in Gmail. Now Google has kind of extended the app and built a new service around it “Keep”.

It’s loosely a note taking app. Google also launched the android app for Keep. The objective is to allow users to jot down and take note any time whether they are on the go or sitting around a computer. However, with already existing note taking services like Evernote, how long can Google Keep keep an impact on its users that will be seen. Lately Google has been unsuccessful with services like Buzz  which was an attempt to set its foot in an area already owned by another player Twitter, later to just shut Buzz down. Also this is not the first time Google launched a service for note taking. It used to offer a service called Notebook which had been shut down few years back. Let’s hope this time they have made it better and keep it alive for a long time. Nevertheless Google always provides best options and time to move your data so you can use it without any worry. Ever since the launch of Google+, Google is desperately trying to bring every services under one umbrella and kicking those out that doesn’t seem to fit the vision. So how well will Keep do only time’ll tell.

For now you can check it out at Try it and comment your opinion about it. I’ll post a review of it in a later date. If you have an android device, you can get the app from . So while it’s there it’s worth checking out.