It was probably last October in 2012 when Facebook announced their landmark achievement of 1 billion active users and no doubt Facebook is boastful of it. With no other community site or social networking sites having such a large active users, it is truly something to boast about. And say what, apparently one other user based site also achieved this landmark figure recently and when they announced it Facebook was like, “well ok , so we are not the only one then.” Yes, it’s YouTube which achieved this land mark and they announced it in their blog.

Like facebook, YouTube is also a user based site and it’s driven by users actively uploading, sharing and watching videos. Last year YouTube had about 800 million monthly active users and this year they reached the 1 billion users milestone. YouTube attributes accessibility of the site to be one of the reasons of its popularity and active growth.


With more and more users starting to watch their favorite TV shows, sports etc online; let’s see what other milestones they break. As they put it this time “Nearly one out of every two people on the Internet visits YouTube” , can we expect some announcement like “ Nearly every single person on the Internet visits YouTube ” in the near future?