You probably know that every person has a different kind of personality and psychologists have categorised them into some specific personality traits. They have different models, methods and tests to determine the personality of a person. For example there is Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Five Factor or Big Five model etc.  You just need to answer some questions or give certain feedbacks and that’s all, you’ll get to know your personality as per that model. So have you ever tried to find out  your personality? Well, I once did. I came across a website and took the test. That test was based on MBTI model and my result was INTP personality type.  However I don’t remember which site that was, but recently I found a website which is perfect just for the cause.

This website currently has 2 types of tests. The first one is to find out about your personality. It is based on the Big Five model.  You have to take the quiz where you just need to click on appropriate options depending upon some general questions about how you feel, behave etc. Once it’s over it will display you the results page like the one below, but probably with a different result than mine.


Personality Test Quiz

The other test is a nice one to discover what behaviours, emotions and thoughts build up your personality. This is the Who Am I profile test. Once you complete the quiz it will display you the result page and also if you register there it will send you a PDF copy of the result. I was not sure whether the personality test would send the result so I took a screenshot but for this test I got the PDF which is nice. So, ready to discover who you are? Below is the link to the web app.

Who am I Quiz