As Google News head Richard Gingras writes in this post, Google News is going to be shutdown completely in Spain before a new law takes effect there starting from January 2015. Google generally aggregates and shows news on its News service from various online news publishers. The Google News service not only  being free to use but also free from ads Google makes no money from it. But as per the new law services like Google will have to pay money to the Spanish news publishers to show even a snippet of news even if the publishers themselves want the money or not. So the service becoming unsustainable Google has decided to stop the Google News service in Spain altogether.

As a result of this change the following two things are going to happen:

  • Google will remove Spanish publishers from its News service on 16th December, 2014. So no news from Spanish publishers anymore.
  • It will close its news service in Spain. So no more

So does this mean no more news from Spain? Well, news about Spain will be available from other non-Spanish publishers, but the result will surely be affected.